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NH-14WM Gumstick 1450mAh minidisc Battery

by Vapextech

NH-14WM Gumstick 1450mAh minidisc Battery



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NH-14WM Gumstick 1450mAh minidisc battery


Nominal Voltage   1.2v            C cell
Max. Charged Voltage             1.5v  
Normal Charge 250mA Approx 6 Hours
Fast Charge 500mAh Approx 3 Hours
Rapid Charge 1000mAh Approx 1.5 Hours
Capacity 1450mAh Discharged at 0.2c (290mA)
Minimal >1300mA Discharge at 1,0c (1.45A)
Max dischage current 1.4Amp  
Life >500 Cycles IEC Standard

2500mAh for many Lights , Torches , Radio's 

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