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Why are Vapextech Solar Light Batteries Different to Others?

Posted by Vapextech on 25/01/2017

Solar light batteries from Vapextech come fully charged, put them into garden solar lights and use straight away. We manufacture and distribute high quality batteries so that you get the best possible usage out of them. You can be confident of the performance of our solar light batteries. They have a slower discharge when compared to the equivalent sized regular NiMH batteries.

Vapextech has a range of low self discharge batteries and we offer an LSD model specifically for solar light batteries. Available to buy in packs of ten, you get plenty of battery power for your garden lights. Being rechargeable, you can keep it green and help look after the wider environment, while illuminating yours.

Solar Light Batteries

Solar Light Batteries to Illuminate Your Outside Space

It’s amazing how a clever use of lighting can transform an outdoor space. Garden solar lights can cast an atmospheric glow around your lawn. They can illuminate features for decoration. Or they can perform a task such as lighting the way along your drive, or the pathway to your front door. With so many diverse uses for garden solar lights you need solar light batteries to match this performance.

Buy Solar Light Batteries from Vapextech Today

Vapextech are experts in solar light batteries, airsoft batteries and model batteries for radio controlled cars, aircraft and boats. Holding the accreditation of ISO9001 since 2000 sets the standard for the quality of the solar light batteries you receive. It defines the level of quality control for design and production. You can normally expect us to despatch batteries in the UK within 1-2 business days. See further details of our deliveries.

To find out more about any of our batteries and associated products, please get in touch with us today. We will advise you on any of our products so that you get exactly what you require.


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