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What is Airsoft? Choose Vapextech Airsoft Batteries to Keep You in the Game!

Posted by Vapextech on 06/10/2017

Airsoft is a game of simulated combat played between teams of players otherwise known as Skirmishers. Using replica guns and weapons to fire plastic BB’s the game utilises tactics and teamwork over an outdoor course or designated Airsoft area. Often using the challenges of woodland and abandoned buildings and structures. It combines stealth and cooperation to achieve the aims of the game and can be both physically demanding and fast-paced. Originating in Japan in the 1970’s it has become increasingly popular and accessible over the decades and is now played by thousands across the globe. There is an entire industry around the sport supplying kit and equipment and Vapextech provides many types of Airsoft batteries.
Airsoft has become a highly organised sport with associations and governing bodies like the United Kingdom Airsoft Players Union (UKAPU). If you are new to the sport and want to know how to get started, or would like to know more about the rules and regulations surrounding replica weapons, they are a good place to start. Such organisations can point you in the direction of venues and competitions too.

Stay on Target Vapextech Airsoft Batteries

Airsoft batteries are the essential power unit for your AEG, or Airsoft Electric Gun to give them their full name. Depending upon the type of replica weapon you are using, this will dictate the size, configuration, and power output of the batteries. Many airsoft batteries fit into the crane stock of the AEG. This is to save on space and weight. A lightweight soft casing houses the battery cells giving these type of batteries an excellent power to weight ratio.

Buy Airsoft Batteries Online from Vapextech

Airsoft batteries from Vapextech are available as Lipo Airsoft Packs and LiFe Airsoft Packs. They can be bought with Tamiya or Deam's adapters depending upon the requirements of your Airsoft equipment. Shop online today or contact us if you have any questions about any of our battery products.


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