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The Home of 6v Batteries

Posted by Vapextech on 20/02/2017

Vapextech is your one stop online shop for 6v batteries. Our batteries conform to the best standards, being awarded ISO9001 for the quality control of the design and production process. You can be confident that the 6v batteries you receive will meet your power source needs.

All Types of 6v Batteries from Vapextech

6v batteries have all kinds of applications. Commonly found in compact cameras, the 6V 1400mAh Lithium Camera Battery 2CR5 was also the main source of power for higher specification SLR’s during the 1990’s and early 2000’s. So, if classic 35mm film cameras are your preference, we have the batteries for you. We also supply 3v and 6v batteries to keep today’s digital compact and bridge cameras powered too.

6v batteries

NiMh 6v batteries are used to power the transmitters and receivers for radio controlled models. Available to buy in flat or humped packs. These multicell configurations are designed to fit specific casings so that you have the power to keep control of your model vehicle.

We supply 6v batteries for a range of applications including cameras, photo flashes, security alarms, clocks and many other electrical items.

Order Your 6v Batteries Today

We would usually dispatch your Vapextech 6v batteries within 1-2 business days of receiving your order. So, you don’t have to wait long to be using your camera, radio control model, torch or other battery powered item.

Buying rechargeable batteries is a better option for the environment. However, even rechargeable batteries will eventually need to be replaced. Don’t throw them in the bin though! Make the “green” decision; it is easy to find places to recycle old batteries, like supermarkets and recycling centres.

You can deposit your used 6v batteries for recycling with Vapextech at BatteryBank PLC, Reg Number BPRN027255 at Richmond House, Garforth, Leeds , LS25 1NB.

If you have any questions about any of our 6v battery products, please contact us.


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