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The Benefits of our Solar Light Batteries

Posted by Vapextech on 02/03/2016

There may still be a chill in the air, but it won’t be long until those warmer nights draw in and your garden solar lights become your best friend! Here at Vapextech we specialise in providing solar light batteries to help you make the most out of your evenings. Solar lights are a great way to illuminate your garden or outdoor area, drawing on solar power to provide an energy efficient lighting solution.  

Solar Light Batteries

Why Use Vapextech Solar Light Batteries?

Our solar light batteries are manufactured specifically for use in outdoor garden solar lights and come in a pack of ten. The quality of your solar light batteries affects the performance and efficiency of your solar lights and so it’s essential that you find solar light batteries which are manufactured to the highest standards, here’s a few benefits of using our solar light batteries

  1. Solar light batteries are supplied charged, so you can use them straight away.
  2. Will replace either nicad or nimh batteries in your solar lights.
  3. Our solar light batteries discharge at a much slower rate than conventional NiMH batteries and so even a year after being charge there’s still initial charge available.
  4. They are the only LSD batteries available for solar lights.

Buy Solar Light Batteries Online:

In addition to this, these batteries are manufactured to the exceptional standards expected from Vapextech batteries to ensure that they stand up to your demands. You can browse our full range of batteries online and we offer speedy delivery to your door. If you have any questions about our solar light batteries then please get in touch with a member of our expert team, who can provide you with any guidance you may require.



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