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The Advantages of LiPo Batteries

Posted by NetBiz Group on 15/10/2015

LiPo batteries or Lithium-ion Polymer Batteries are a relatively new development in the battery world and follow on from developments in lithium-ion and lithium metal cells. They are widely used throughout the industry, and come into their own for model and airsoft use.

4 Benefits of LiPo Batteries

1. The soft casing, and the fact that the components weigh much less than traditional batteries means that LiPo batteries are much lighter. This is advantageous for many devices but makes it specifically suited to model use. In the past heavy batteries have weighed down model aircraft or cars, making them slower and less efficient – LiPo batteries remove this problem, reducing the weight to power ratio.

LiPo Batteries

2. LiPo batteries usually have high discharge rates, which means they supply power much more intensely. This can be incredibly useful if used with high demand devices, ensuring that the power level remains high.

3. Their format of the battery means that they can be manufactured to suit the needs and shape of the device. LiPo batteries are specifically designed for certain purposes, which can be incredibly useful with size conscious devices such as airsoft guns.

4. LiPo batteries also have high capacities, in small packages enabling them to hold much more power over their usage, without being weighed down by bulky battery packs.

LiPo Batteries for Radio Control & Airsoft:

Here at Vapextech we stock a wide selection of LiPo batteries, for both airsoft and radio controlled use. For radio control batteries we supply car packs, aircraft packs and RX/TX LiPo batteries which are specifically designed for these purposes and are available in a variety of configurations, dependant on your requirements. For airsoft guns we have a range of battery packs designed to meet the high demands of intense airsoft use.

All of our LiPo batteries are available to purchase online, and have options on different fittings and configurations. If you would like to find out more about our LiPo batteries then please get in touch with a member of our team, who are on hand to help.



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