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Stock up on Batteries for Christmas

Posted by NetBiz Group on 01/10/2015

It may seem like only two minutes ago since we were sunning ourselves in the heat of summer, but Christmas is definitely on its way. Shops are already filling with Christmas decorations, and before long we’ll start to hear the jingling tones of Christmas songs. If your children are going to be visited by santa this year you’re sure to be overrun with toys and presents, with most requiring batteries. There’s nothing worse than having all the presents unwrapped, ready to go... and finding you have no batteries - so avoid this crisis and stock up in advance with our rechargeable batteries!

Our Range of Batteries & 8 Bay Chargers

We stock batteries in a range of voltages and sizes to suit all of your Christmas present needs. In addition to standard batteries, we also specialise in Airsoft and Model batteries, so you can satisfy all of your battery needs in one place. All of our batteries are rechargeable and this makes them incredibly useful for childrens toys, where batteries can be costly to keep replacing. Simply charge them and reuse them, for hours upon hours of fun.

8 bay charger

To recharge quickly we have a range of chargers available, including our 8 bay chargers. These enable you to charge up to 8 batteries at a time, providing an efficient solution to charging large amounts of batteries. These 8 bay chargers work with either AA or AAA batteries and offer quick results so you can get toys back up and running quickly. If you want to charge a range of different batteries the fast universal smart LCD charger which works with AA AAA C D PP3 and you can charge up to 4 batteries at a time.

Find out more about our batteries today:

If you would like to find out more about our 8 bay chargers, or any of our rechargeable batteries then please browse our range online or get in touch for more information. 


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