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Solar Lights for Summer Nights

Posted by Vapextech on 05/05/2016

Our recent spell of sunny weather has left us feeling like summer is definitely on its way! Warmer nights bring with them BBQs and long evenings in the garden and so it’s essential that your garden is ready for the months to come. Solar lights are an important element of your summer garden, providing illumination for your outdoor space after the sun sets. This type of light uses specific batteries which harness the natural light to charge and re-charge – making them a cost effective and hassle free lighting solution.


Exceptional Solar Light Batteries from Vapextech

Here at Vapextech we provide garden solar light batteries which are manufactured specifically for use in outdoor garden solar lights. These LSD batteries discharge at a much slower rate than conventional NiMH batteries so even after a year there’s still initial charge available. They are the only solar light batteries of this type you can buy, and so provide unrivalled power capabilities. These solar light batteries come in a pack of ten and can be used to replace nicad or nimh batteries in your solar lights AA size.

Solar Light Batteries

Here at Vapextech we pride ourselves on providing a wide range of batteries which meet the highest standards of power and quality. We offer free and fast delivery on all orders over £100, and low cost delivery options for orders under this. See our delivery page for more information.


Browse Solar Light Batteries Online, or Contact Us

If you have any questions about our solar light batteries or any of our other batteries then please don’t hesitate in contacting us. We’re experts in the industry and can help you decide which batteries are best suited to your requirements. 


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