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Solar Light Batteries for Autumn and Winter

Posted by Vapextech on 20/11/2017

Solar light batteries are an essential part of providing illumination for your garden. We often associate our gardens with Spring flowers and Summer barbecues. But now that the clocks have gone back marking the end of British Summer Time, we reckon your solar lights and most importantly the solar light batteries which power them will be more important. It is darker much earlier now that the nights have drawn in, the Autumn has many other events to enjoy, such as Halloween and Bonfire Night. With friends and children calling round to “Trick or Treat”, maybe you’re hosting a gathering to let off fireworks. With Christmas on the horizon people will be going back and forth with busy preparations and decorations. In these dark evenings and early mornings, are your pathways, borders, steps, and areas of decking properly lit? Are there any places which may be a trip hazard after dark?

Fully Charged Solar Light Batteries

Providing a soft and unobtrusive glow to pathways and patios can be achieved by using carefully placed garden lights. Vapextech has outstanding value and reliable sources of power with their garden solar light batteries. They are designed and made specifically for garden lights and come fully charged. You can use them straight from the pack without the need for pre-charging before use. Being rechargeable and low self discharge (LSD) with a life cycle of up to a thousand cycles, you can’t go wrong with Vapextech solar light batteries. By recharging using the sun’s rays these are a more environmentally friendly source of power when compared to the equivalent conventional single use NIMH batteries.

Order Your Solar Light Batteries from Vapextech

Buying your solar light batteries is easy with Vapextech. Once you have placed your order online you can expect to receive your batteries within one to two business days. If you have any questions about any Vapextech products, please contact us.


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