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Solar Garden Lights for Dark Evenings

Posted by Vapextech on 14/09/2017

Solar garden lights add atmosphere to your garden, back yard and outdoor spaces like pathways, patios, and terraces. Once the sun starts to set you can transform an area with carefully positioned lighting. There are many styles of outdoor lighting on the market, each with their own level of luminosity. Some are meant to be attached to buildings or fixtures like sheds and garages for security and visibility, other types of lights are purely decorative to enhance the mood of a space.

The nights are drawing in as we journey into Autumn and Winter. Shorter days are when solar garden lights get most use. The most common type of solar light for the garden is an independent lighting unit which uses rechargeable solar light batteries. Often positioned into the ground sitting on top of a tapered tube, they cast a soft glow to illuminate the edges of borders, paths, and steps. This is a cost effective way to incorporate this type of lighting without the expense of wiring and running from the mains electricity supply.

Batteries for Solar Garden Lights

For solar garden lights requiring AA batteries, Vapextech has just the battery product for you! We supply packs of solar light batteries which are designed specifically for solar garden lights. They will arrive with a full charge so that when you install them into your garden lighting, they will work straight away. They are Low Self Discharge batteries giving them a constant and efficient release of power resulting in a long run time. Perfect for Autumn evenings and Winter nights. When fitted into garden solar lights they will recharge during daylight hours.

Buy Batteries for Solar Garden Lights from Vapextech

Your Low Self Discharge rechargeable batteries for solar garden lights are available to buy online today exclusively at Vapextech. This product is unique to Vapextech, and you can be confident in great quality batteries and service to match.
To ask us questions about any of our batteries and battery products, please contact us today.


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