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Recharge with our 8 cell charger

Posted by NetBiz Group on 24/08/2015

Whatever you’re using rechargeable batteries for you’ll definitely need a charger to go with it! Here at Vapextech we stock battery accessories such as model, airsoft,  lipo and standard 8 cell chargers specifically designed to be used with our batteries.

Exceptional 8 Cell Chargers:

One of our most popular chargers is the Fast Smart 8 Cell Charger. This features an LCD display which indicates when the batteries are at full charge. It is compatible with both AA and AAA NiMH batteries and has non rechargeable battery detection.  To prevent the dreaded over charge there’s a safety timer inbuilt to the 8 cell charger to alert you that they must be removed. As well as charging indoors, there’s also the option to charge on the go in your car. This feature is extremely handy especially if you’re on holiday, or on a long journey. The charging time depends on the amount of batteries and charging current, but Vapextech use the highest quality technology to ensure this is as quick as possible.

Rechargeable batteries have many advantages to traditional batteries which include better performance, convenience and money saving. As well as this they are more energy efficient than disposable batteries as they can be reused with our 8 cell chargers hundreds of times. This is in turn also saves you money in the long run.

Find out more about our 8 cell chargers:

For more information about our 8 cell chargers, or any of other specialised battery chargers then please browse through our products online. If you have any questions regarding our products then please don’t hesitate in contacting a member of our staff


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