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RC Car Model Batteries

Posted by NetBiz Group on 24/07/2015

The radio controlled car racing season is in full swing, and here at Vapextech we’re proud to sponsor some of the most successful racers on show and supply our batteries to many more. The sport has grown in popularity over recent years and now has a dedicated following with many closely watching the season’s developments.

High Capacity Model Batteries from Vapextech:

 Vapextech model batteries are specifically designed to deal with the demands of model racing and feature high capacity cells for longer running times. They keep their voltage even on high current demand, with minimal voltage drop ensuring that the batteries perform when you need it most, and giving you that edge you need when racing. In addition to supplying RC car model batteries to competitive customers we also provide model batteries for the general public and power many RC controlled cars with our batteries country wide. RC cars are a popular hobby for all ages and provide a high intensity and exciting way to race cars from the comfort of your chair.

Find out more about our model batteries:

Our model batteries are available in a range of voltages dependant on your requirements from 4.8bv to 9.6v options, and we also stock an extensive selection of chargers to give you cost effective model batteries. Vapextech UK are the main importer of Vapextech batteries in the UK, stocking the high quality and expertly developed batteries from the manufacturers in Hong Kong. We pride ourselves on our products and we have become a popular choice for model batteries in the UK. You can buy our products online and get our model batteries delivered to your door. If you have any questions about model batteries or any of our other products then please get in touch with a member of our expert team. 


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