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Powerful Vapextech 8 Bay Charger

Posted by Vapextech on 22/11/2016

Do you need a powerful battery charger for multiple sized batteries?

Vapextech’s 8 Bay Charger is the solution to all your standard battery charging needs. Capable of charging one to eight AA or AAA batteries. This is the all-round 8 bay charger you need in your home.


Recharge with an 8 Bay Charger


The 8 Bay Charger will keep your batteries powered. Now that the winter months are here, you will be needing more battery power.


8 Bay Charger


Dark mornings and early sunsets will mean keeping that torch handy. It is always useful to have a torch with you. Finding your way in the dark while walking the dog, or trying to unlock the front door, a battery powered torch is an essential accessory during the Winter.


Going for a run requires a head torch so you can see and be seen. The 8 bay charger from Vapextech will keep you powered for miles!

Changing channels on the TV or being able to play Xbox or Wii all require battery power. Make sure you have an 8 bay charger on hand to keep the game going!

Everyday items like calculators, clocks and electric toothbrushes would slowly wind to a halt without these small standard batteries to keep them in use.

Of course, “‘tis the season to be jolly” with many Christmas decorations and toys bringing excitement to our homes. Brilliant fun! Until the batteries go flat…your Christmas doesn’t have to lose power with the Vapextech 8 Bay Charger!


Buy Your 8 Bay Charger from Vapextech

The 8 bay charger will keep your AA or AAA batteries fully charged. It is a fast smart charger with safety features to prevent over charge and protect battery life.

Find out more about Vapextech batteries and charger products by contacting us today!


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