Rechargeable batteries are better for the environment and Vapextech has a fantastic selection to buy online. The modern world is highly dependent on batteries to power all manner of equipment and gadgets. Choosing the right type of battery can prove to be more cost effective overall for both the environment and your wallet.

Batteries can contain valuable resources mined from the planet. These resources are finite so it is important to get the maximum use from them. We can all do our bit by using rechargeable batteries wherever possible. Recharging gives a longer battery life when compared with equivalent single use batteries. Which in turn helps to keep the environment free of toxic metals. Even though you may have an extra outlay for a battery charger initially. The performance of standard rechargeable batteries is now very good. Which means you recoup the cost over time and there is less waste produced too.

Rechargeable Batteries for RC Models

Rechargeable batteries are essential for all kinds of radio control models. There are numerous rechargeable battery packs including 6v batteries, right up to large power packs including 9.6v batteries and 14.4 volt cells. Often consisting of NiMh, these have a lower level of cadmium compared to NiCAD.

Rechargeable Batteries for Airsoft

Airsoft batteries need to be light and powerful and reliable in mock combat situations. Often designed to fit into the crane stocks of AEG’s. These are specialist rechargeable Lipo batteries are available as 7.4v batteries or 11.1v battery packs.

Choose Vapextech for Rechargeable Batteries

Vapextech is the home of rechargeable batteries for airsoft and model vehicle enthusiasts. You can be confident that all of our batteries are made to rigorous standards and processes to ensure a high quality product. If you would like to know more, please contact us.