Home battery systems use a solar PV system to charge can be stored in two ways.

For our latest blog, Vapextech is going to talk you through both methods.

Two Ways to Store Solar Batteries

The amount of time that your solar battery can run your home depends on the capacity of the battery system and the level of charge. Some home batteries could potentially power your home for over 24 hours from a full charge because the capacity of the battery is more than the average daily household electricity use. If this is only partially charged, however, or if your battery system with less capacity then your energy won't last as long when powering your home.

Regarding the life span of a home battery system, this can vary and depends on the make and model of your battery and the way it is being used. While solar batteries are designed and optimised to undergo frequent charging and discharging they will, after many thousand cycles, will start to lose a small percentage of capacity. A professionally installed home battery system will always come with a warranty (usually 10 years) and is guaranteed to maintain a certain level of performance.

Solar batteries used for home battery systems have a very slow degradation with the likelihood that it will typically outlast its warranty. This is the same as any other electronic product, where you would reasonably expect it to last for a number of years.

Vapextech is experts for solar batteries, meaning our team of specialists can advise you on the best batteries for your home and any aspect of installation.

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