Get the most out of your garden this summer with solar light batteries for your garden solar lights. Rechargeable batteries from Vapextech will cast a gentle light over your garden so that you can enjoy time outdoors for longer.

Enjoy Summertime with Solar Light Batteries

The summer is a time for barbecues and relaxing outside in the garden with family and friends. There are many kinds of solar lights for use in the garden available from home improvement stores and to buy online. They can be used to gently illuminate lawn and back yard areas in the evening while you are socialising. They have a practical use for lighting pathways and borders and can brighten patio and garden steps to avoid trip hazards. Operating independently they use solar power to charge their batteries during the daylight so you can use them once the sun has started to set in the evening.

Vapextech have a stock of dedicated solar light batteries which can power your garden solar lights. They are specifically designed for use in this type of lighting by allowing a longer discharge The batteries come in a pack of 10 x AA NiMh which are already charged and ready for use. These Vapextech LSD batteries even have an improved performance a year later when compared to conventional NiMh batteries.

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All of our solar light batteries are manufactured and tested to the highest levels to ensure that they meet the most stringent of quality standards. We want you to be using your solar light battery product as soon as possible which is why we usually ship your order to you within 1-2 working days using UK Mail or Royal Mail 1st Class with orders over £100 shipped for free.

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