Vapextech stock a vast choice of rechargeable batteries and battery chargers for a number of uses from garden solar lights, airsoft shooting and radio controlled models. When you need to recharge AA or AAA batteries quickly the Vapextech 8 Bay Charger is the solution for you!   

Efficient Battery Charging from the Vapextech 8 Bay Charger

What makes the Vapextech 8 Bay Chargers so good? Well the reviews on the product page speak for themselves with a fantastic 5 stars being awarded. Speed and efficiency of charge are the key benefits of this piece of equipment. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose this impressive piece of battery charging equipment.

  • It will only take 1 to 5 hours for AA/AAA batteries to be charged.
  • So versatile that you can charge AA and AAA batteries simultaneously.
  • The negative delta V cut off function protects the battery life.
  • The 8 Bay Charger detects when non-rechargeable batteries have been inserted.
  • After a full charge, the charger switches to an automatic trickle charge .
  • Over charge is prevented by a safety timer.
  • The LCD screen makes it easy to see when the batteries are fully charged. 

Choose Vapextech for Your 8 Bay Charger

Through a comprehensive quality control system across Vapextech product design and production, combined with a well-equipped production plant, we have been awarded the accreditation of ISO9001 in 2000. 

We want you to be using your battery powered products as soon as possible which is why we usually ship your 8 Bay Battery Charger order to you within 1-2 working days using UK Mail or Royal Mail 1st Class with orders over £100 shipped for free.

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