Model batteries will be an important part of every enthusiasts’ kit this summer as aviation fans of all ages commemorate the centenary of the RAF. 2018 marks 100 years since the service was founded and airshows involving real aircraft and those dedicated to radio controlled models will look to the skies in honour of the achievements of the Royal Air Force and to remember the airmen and women who have served their country.

Model Batteries for 2018 Summer Flying Events

August is a month packed with events all around the country, and if the weather we have experienced during the June and July heatwave continues, it will offer perfect flying conditions for radio controlled aircraft of all types and sizes. Making sure that you have fully charged model batteries and a backup set will ensure that pilots will gain the maximum flying time available during this season. Many organisations like the Large Model Association, the British Model Flying Association and numerous regional and local enthusiast groups have public displays and gatherings at this time of year. Many are taking the opportunity to commemorate this milestone for the RAF as part of their events.

High Quality Model Batteries

High quality model batteries are essential for the enjoyment of flying radio controlled aircraft and for safety too. With all power cells, care needs to be taken with their storage, charging, and use. Here at Vapextech you can be assured of the highest quality batteries for RC model use. All are produced under intensely controlled conditions at a specialist plant to ensure maximum performance at a very competitive price. With large power packs, transmitters and receiver packs in various configurations available as Lipo and Nimh cells. You can be sure to find a model battery that meets your flying requirements. For further information about any of our model batteries, please contact us.