Switching from disposable batteries to a set of rechargeable batteries and an accompanying charger is a worthwhile investment with a host of benefits.

Vapextech is one of the UK's leading suppliers of battery chargers and rechargeable batteries, with years of experience helping customers make the switch from the disposable alternative.

5 Reasons to Choose Rechargeable Batteries

Here are five reasons to choose rechargeable batteries -

Eco-Friendly - There are two main types of rechargeable batteries; NiMH and NiCd batteries. The NiMH variety is the more environmentally friendly variety.
Rechargeables are always a better choice than disposable ones because of the amount of waste thrown away. By using a battery charger and rechargeable cells you will be preventing dead batteries ending up in landfill plus you will save money.
Rechargeable batteries are also more energy-efficient as they require less energy to charge than to manufacture disposables.
Save Money - Investing in a battery charger and a number of rechargeable batteries are more than expensive initially than a pack of disposables. However, long term using a rechargeable system saves you plenty of money.
For example, a standard rechargeable battery can be recharged up to 500 times, which when compared to a pack of disposable batteries makes the case quite obvious for investing in rechargeables.
Better Performance - Once you have made the switch to a rechargeable system, you will notice a better performance from your electronics and battery-powered devices.
This is the reason disposable batteries start off by delivering 1.5 volts when brand new and their power steadily decreases over time. Alternatively, rechargeables consistently deliver 1.2 volts of energy through their whole lifespan.
Convenience - Switching from rechargeables offers plenty of convenience for the user. Chargers and batteries are available in a number of different designs plus they can be recharged in a number of different ways, including USB ports, wall outlets and even cigarette lighter adapters in vehicles. Finally, rechargeable batteries stop you having to rush out and purchase them or go without, as you will always have a set available.
Time Efficient - Rechargeables are a great time saver in many different scenarios. They will stop you wandering the battery aisle to check which fits your device, miss photo opportunities at special events or occasions if your battery has died.

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