Where would we be without batteries? These little packs of power and energy make day-to-day life so convenient. In the UK, we’d find it difficult to locate someone who doesn’t reap the benefits of a battery in some form or another. Even those who like to live ‘off the grid’ use batteries for torches, watches and so much more. Here at Vapextech, we live and breathe batteries for hobbies and pass times. So, we’d thought we’d pay homage to one of the world’s most useful and versatile pieces of technology on Battery Day.

Why Vapextech Loves Batteries on Battery Day…

Batteries are full of history, technology and use and this is why we at Vapextech can’t get enough of them. As it’s battery day here are a few facts about batteries.

What is a Battery?

A battery turns chemical energy into electricity by bringing the chemicals into a specific chemical order. When these chemicals are put together in the right order the electrons will move from one substance to the other forming an electrical current.

How long have batteries been around for?

The modern manufacturing of batteries for personal use has only been around for 50 to 60 years. However, did you know archaeologists have found evidence in digs referencing gold onto silver electroplating? Much like a battery does.

(During a dig near Bagdad in 1936, a Parthian tomb was found with the archaeologist's discovering a clay jar with a copper cylinder wrapped around an iron rod. This was determined to be over 2000 years old.)

Where does the term battery come from?

The first reference of the word battery being used was by Benjamin Franklin in 1748, when used to describe an arrangement of charged glass plates.

Development of Batteries...

Over the years several scientists and inventors have made gradual improvements to batteries...

  • William Cruickshank designed the first battery for mass production in the 1800s.
  • John Daniell developed a way to reduce battery corrosion when in use in 1820.
  • The first rechargeable battery was invented in 1859 by physicist Gaston Plante.
  • National Carbon Company manufactured the first commercially available battery in 1896.
  • Two years later they developed the first D sized battery for the world’s first torch.
  • Hamilton Watch Company produced the first battery-powered watch in 1957.
  • The first miniature batteries were brought to market in the 1950s and changed the way people wore watches - as they no longer needed to wind them.

The origin of the first battery day remains unknown, but Battery Day takes place on the birth date of Alessandro Volta, the pioneer of electricity and power.

When the inventors of years before developed and fined tunes their batteries, I wonder if they ever envisaged what their technology might be used for.

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