Here at Vapextech, we consider ourselves experts when it comes to airsoft guns and their batteries. This is why we have put together this handy list of frequently asked questions we get from customers.

What Should I Wear While Playing Airsoft?

Vapextech recommends eye protection be worn at all times to prevent any eye injuries. As you play at your own risk, remember to play safely.

What Does Electric (AEG) Mean?

Auto electric guns (AEG) are powered by a battery which can typically fire in semi and full auto mode. AEG's in full auto mode will continually fire as long as you hold down the trigger and for as long as your ammo holds out. Auto electric guns are one of the most popular airsoft guns.

Can Airsoft Guns Break Glass?

This can depend on the FPS of the gun and the density of the glass. A spring-powered gun that shoots at a low FPS, will not break durable glass but could shatter thin glass.
Alternatively, an AEG that shoots at 400+ FPS may very well break the thicker glass. Vapextech recommends extreme caution when shooting around the glass as that could cause fragments to ricochet back towards you. As we have already stated, wear adequate eye protection when using an airsoft gun.

What Does Spring Powered Mean?

Spring-powered guns are the typical choice for beginners. They need to be cocked into place after every shot, with their lack of moving parts making up the gun making them durable and dependable. A number of high-power airsoft sniper rifles are also spring-powered.

Who Invented Airsoft?

Airsoft was first created in Japan during the early 1980s, during post-WWII where private citizens were restricted from owning real firearms. These restrictions have never stopped people from owning replica firearms. This resulted in airsoft guns being openly sold in Japanese shops, before becoming popular in countries all over the world.

How Do Airsoft Guns Work?

Every airsoft gun fires BBs through air compression, but there are a number of ways they can function. Airsoft guns can be spring, electric or gas-powered.

Why is Airsoft a Good Sport?

Airsoft is so much more than just shooting plastic BBs at other players and completing objectives. Win or lose airsoft is about the camaraderie that is built between players and having a good time. Just like any other sport, airsoft creates friendships and helps to bring people together.

How are Airsoft Guns Made?

Just like real firearms, high-quality airsoft guns go through a complicated manufacturing process before being assembled and sold to the general public. The process will usually involve manufacturing, quality control checks, sub-assembly and actual assembly. A number of parts are hand-assembled while others rely on machine assembly as they require precision. Once the airsoft gun has been fully assembled it is sent off to the distributor and then sold to the public.

Which Airsoft Pistol Should I Buy?

The main factors that will influence the type of pistol you buy are your skill level plus your own budget. A cheap spring-powered pistol is ideal for beginners with a limited budget with the next level up being a gas-powered pistol. Gas-powered pistols can fire at a much higher FPS than spring-powered pistols and are commonly chosen by players who carry a secondary gun. The most common gas types for pistols are green gas, red gas and CO2. Ultimately, the one you choose will come down to your own preference.

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