Make sure your next Airsoft skirmish is powered by Vapextech 7.4v batteries! When in the thick of the competition you need a power cell you can rely upon and here at Vapextech we stock a wide range of batteries to keep you in the game!

Airsoft Skirmishing Power with 7.4v Batteries

Airsoft 7.4V 2600mAh 25C LiPo is a 7.4v battery which is designed to fit into the crane stock of your airsoft gun. There are several types of mechanisms to power airsoft pistols, rifles and other types of airsoft guns. A popular choice of airsoft guns nowadays is the AEG. These are Airsoft Electric Guns which are replicas of machine guns, typically like the easily recognisible AK47. Airsoft skirmishers get the capability to fire a single shot or automatic rapid repetitive fire in a quick blast when the trigger is pressed continuously. To achieve this, the 7.4v batteries (or other voltages) sit concealed within the crane stock and deliver an electric charge to a miniature motor. This operates a spring piston to discharge the pellet.

7.4v batteries are rechargeable battery packs and come in a variety of configurations. In the instance of the 7.4V 2600mAh 25C LiPo, it is a dual cell, sometimes referred to as “nunchuk batteries” because they look like the martial arts weapon. This configuration consists of two cells connected by a balancing wire between them.

Single cell 7.4v batteries for Airsoft use tend to fit into the hand guard of the gun.

The Deans connector is the one required for Airsoft use, whereas the Tamiya connector is used in radio controlled models. Browse the range of 7.4v batteries on the Vapextech website.

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