6v batteries from Vapextech combine power and great value. We have a selection to suit a range of uses – and all for under £20! Here’s a quick rundown of some of the batteries, battery packs and products you can buy online from us.

Find Your 6v Batteries at Vapextech

Bundles of AAA and AA 6v battery cells are grouped to form receiver packs. Receivers are vital in the transmission of radio waves to control the direction and speed of a radio-controlled model vehicle. Depending upon the type of battery holder you can choose square, flat or hump battery configurations.

There are larger 6v batteries available as NiMH packs. The 4300mah, 3700mah, and 3300mah packs are all fitted with twin leads and come with Tamiya and Futaba fittings. They have a maximum discharge of 30amps giving you plenty of power and longer run times. Which also equates to more radio-controlled fun!

If you need a slightly higher voltage then we have specialist 6.6v batteries as LiFe or LiPO packs for RX/TX. These are fully compatible with our LiFe/LiPo chargers. Please remember that extra care should be taken in the storage and charging of these batteries.

Photography enthusiasts can find a selection of standard camera batteries to power a digital compact or bridge camera. The 6V 1400mAh Lithium Camera Battery 2CR5 is also a standard power source for many classic SLR cameras which use film. More about this in one of our previous blogs exploring analogue camera batteries.

Contact Vapextech for More About 6v Batteries

Vapextech supply a wide variety of great value and competitively priced 6v batteries. Our batteries are used in radio controlled models, airsoft guns, and garden solar lights too. If you have a question about any of our 6v batteries and related products then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. (All prices correct at time of posting this blog).