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On Target with Airsoft Batteries

Posted by Vapextech on 21/03/2017

Vapextech supply the Airsoft batteries to give you confidence under fire. In the competitive skirmishing world of Airsoft, you can rely on Vapextech batteries to keep you firing on target, with reliable power cells.

Airsoft Batteries

7.4v LiPo Airsoft Batteries

The range of Airsoft batteries available to buy from Vapextech starts with 7.4v LiPo cells.

A popular type of battery is the Airsoft 7.4V 1300mAh 30C LiPo battery with case. Wired as standard with a mini Tamiya style connector for Airsoft use. You can also select the Deans connector when buying from us.

Apart from this 7.4v battery, you may be interested in buying 9.9v 1500mAh LiFe Battery Vapextech Crane 20c Airsoft LF93084T2 2L. Weighing just 70grams, this battery is perfectly suited to Airsoft use. It is wired with a mini Tamiya 3 pin JST-XH connector, which is fully compatible with Vapextech LiFe chargers.

The size and power output of your Airsoft batteries will depend on the type of weapon you are powering. Typically lightweight, LiPo cells discharge a high power output in relation to their weight. The cells can be produced and shaped into almost any form. This has made them popular for the pursuit of Airsoft. Being able to fit the battery cell into the crane stock of an Airsoft Electric Gun, has provided the power source for many players to enjoy their skirmishing.

View our full range of Airsoft batteries from 7.4v to 12v. You can also search via battery type. We sell Airsoft LiPo Packs and Airsoft LiFe Packs.

Buy Airsoft Batteries from Vapextech

When buying Airsoft batteries from Vapextech, orders over £100 receive free UK postage. LiPo batteries are charged an additional £4 UK Mail 24 hr delivery. All other orders to Great Britain range from £1.50 to £2.95 for 1st Class Delivery.

Contact us with your questions about any of our batteries and chargers.


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