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All You Need to Know about LiPo Batteries

Posted by NetBiz Group on 16/03/2020

Here at Vapextech, we are one of the leading suppliers of LiPo Batteries, which have a variety of uses.

For our latest blog, we are going to talk you through the internal structure of your LiPo battery, to give you a better understanding of how they work.

What is the Internal Structure of LiPo Batteries?

If you open up a LiPo battery pouch cell, you will find the following -

A long piece of thin white plastic microporous film, with the thin lithium carbon-coated aluminium and copper anode and cathode electrodes laminated in an alternating pattern on both the front and backside of the polymer separator film.
The long film (which is over 7 feet long for 5000 mAh cell) is folded back and forth upon itself resulting in an alternating anode/cathode stacking with the continuous thin layer of polymer separator in between them.

The entire folded cell matrix is then placed and sealed into the soft plastic pouch which saturates with a greasy/gel-like solvent-based lithium-ion infused organic electrolyte. If there is a very sweet solvent smell like nail polish remover, this means your LiPo battery pack has a leaking cell and should not be used under any circumstances.
This whole folded cell matrix is placed and sealed into the soft plastic pouch and saturated with a greasy/gel-like solvent-based lithium-ion infused organic electrolyte.

Before the final heat sealing of the pouch, it is then pressed under a fair amount of pressure which makes sure contact is obtained between the polymer separator film, the anodes and cathodes. The tighter the lamination between the layers is, the better the ion transfer efficiency and the lower internal resistance of the battery.

Pressing of the cell just before the final sealing will remove any remaining air within the cell. Low humidity and a clean room manufacturing environments also add to manufacturing costs of lithium batteries.

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If you have any questions about LiPo batteries and how they work, please contact us today.


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