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Model Batteries for Summer Model Shows

Posted by Vapextech on 05/06/2018

Model batteries are an essential part of the kit that keeps all radio-controlled models working. With better weather and longer days during the summer months, enthusiasts are always keen to get out and enjoy flying, boating, and driving. Throughout the season there are plenty of model shows and events of all sizes. From large spectacular events like the International Weston Park Model Show to a smaller gathering of your local model club. Vapextech has a vast choice of batteries suitable for transmitters and receivers.

Model Batteries for Aircraft, Boats and Cars

The popularity of radio-controlled models means that you will find clubs and societies where like-minded people gather to share their enjoyment in most towns and cities across the United Kingdom. Some groups are purely recreational, where it is all about the collective fun of being with friends who have the same interest. There are those who like to race their model car, boat, or plane. Depending upon the type of vehicle you prefer, there are race meets and league competitions at venues around the country. Apart from the people who set up and organise these meets to make events of all sizes happen, model batteries are also the essential component as the power source to keep the enjoyment going.

Model Batteries for Summer Model Shows and Events

Choose Vapextech for Powerful Model Batteries

Vapextech provide high quality, competitively priced model batteries for many types of vehicles. For those who like racing on four wheels. We have batteries which are British Radio Car Association approved. Whether you like to race on flat asphalt, indoors or over a dirt covered course with jumps and dips, make Vapextech your choice for model batteries. There are a variety of configurations including “humped”, “square”, and “flat” depending upon the shape of the battery compartment. Got a question about any of our products? Please contact us today!


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