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Model Batteries for RC Aircraft

Posted by Vapextech on 03/09/2015

It’s thought that the earliest examples of RC planes are from the 19th century, and flying them is now an extremely popular hobby worldwide. As the industry has developed there’s now a wide range of different aircraft available including jets, helicopters, toy class and flying bird models. Like any radio controlled model it’s important that both the transmitter and the aircraft must have full power, and in full working order for the aircraft to fly.

Why use our model batteries?

Here at Vapextech we have a wide range of model batteries specifically suited for RC aircraft use, and are now the first choice for many. For the aircraft to fly at its optimum performance it’s essential that the model batteries are lightweight and long lasting – and our batteries are designed to cope with these demands. We have a mixture of LiPo and LiFe model batteries which are well known for their longevity, without dropping in power – enabling you to power your RC aircraft for extended periods of time. In addition to this we also stock an extensive selection of transmitter packs which have high capacity cells for longer running times.

model batteries - transmitter

All of our model batteries are rechargeable and this enables you to get the incredible performance from our batteries, time and time again. Rechargeable batteries have many advantages and are now incredibly popular because of their cost effective, energy efficient and environmentally friendly credentials – browse our full range of model batteries, chargers and connectors online.

Find out more about our model batteries:

If you would like to find out more about our model batteries for remote controlled aircraft then please get in touch with a member of our team. We’re experts at all things batteries, and can give you any guidance you may need. 


"Hi, my application of your 7.2v flat battery pack is not for model aircraft, however i am interested in purchasing your batteries and want to know plse how this battery pack differs from the general NiMH battery.

What type of batterie(s) are they if not NiMH?"
by hogbreath on 14/11/2015 08:55

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