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Model Batteries for Model Aircraft Rallies

Posted by Vapextech on 03/07/2017

Make sure your model batteries are in peak condition for this summer’s model aircraft rallies. For fans of radio controlled model aircraft the summer months provide the perfect opportunity to get out and pilot your plane or helicopter when the flying conditions are at their best.


Model aircraft clubs and associations up and down the country are busy putting on a display for the public or simply for the enjoyment of flying radio controlled models with fellow enthusiasts. This month sees one of the highlights of the calendar with the Large Model Aircraft Rally at the RAF Museum at Cosford. Ever popular, it will see an array of different types of large scale models take to the skies. Whether propeller driven or jet powered, they all rely on model batteries to enable the pilot to control take off, flying and landing through the transmitters and receivers.


The event runs on 15th-16th July 2017 and will feature a scale model of the Vulcan Bomber XH558, previously seen on The One Show on the BBC. If you are taking part in this event or enjoy flying more modest aircraft we have the model batteries for you.

Model Batteries for Model Aircaft


Model Batteries for Flying Fun


Here at Vapextech, we supply many types of transmitter and receiver batteries. One of our top selling items is the 6v NiMh flat battery pack. You can read more about our 6v batteries to help you find the right type for you. To accompany them we also have a range of power cells from 4.8v batteries to 7.2v batteries.


Keeping your model batteries fully charged is easy with our fast universal smart universal LCD charger.


Choose Vapextech for Your Aircraft’s Model Batteries


Vapextech has a selection of model batteries to help you take to the skies this summer. We are specialists in batteries for radio controlled models. To find out more about any of our battery products and chargers, please contact us.


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