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Model Batteries and Summer Heat

Posted by Vapextech on 26/07/2018

Summer is the season when all types of batteries, including model batteries, associated with recreational activities get the most use. Generally, the weather is better, the extra hours of daylight, and a packed summer of gatherings and events within the model communities sees us flying, driving and sailing miniature vehicles. It is always worth being mindful of how batteries are stored, used, transported and charged. With the extra sunshine and heat at this time of year, extra vigilance is required.

Model Batteries and Safety in the UK Heatwave

This summer has seen temperatures being broken in the UK as a heatwave has descended over the country with weeks of hot dry weather. This has provided superb conditions for enjoying your radio controlled models and drones. But care must be taken with all model batteries and especially LIPO batteries and associated products.

Safety must always be the first consideration, so here are a few tips…

Visually inspect your model batteries regularly. If they are showing signs of bloating, distortion, or other damage, do not use them and follow the correct disposal procedures. Avoid second hand batteries because you cannot be sure of their usage history. Here at Vapextech, we only supply high quality, brand new batteries, manufactured under controlled conditions in a state of the art plant.

Most model batteries have a heat tolerance which fits into the temperature range we experience in the UK. But do not expose them to direct sunlight as this can cause them to overheat resulting in a loss of performance, or at worst they become a fire risk. Keeping them in a vehicle on a hot day should also be avoided. Lipo batteries should be stored in a fire proof case or ammunition box.

Follow the correct charging procedure and never leave batteries unattended, or charge a battery which is still warm from use, let them cool first. Find the right battery charger at Vapextech. Many chargers are designed to stop over charging but stay vigilant as overcharging can result in cell damage.

Got a Question About Model Batteries?

Vapextech has a comprehensive range of model batteries, airsoft batteries, and standard batteries. Should you require further information about any of our products, please contact us. Look after your batteries and you will have hours of safe flying, driving and boating fun!


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