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Looking for Model Batteries? Vapextech Has the Answer

Posted by Vapextech on 27/02/2017

Model batteries come in all shapes, sizes, and voltages. Depending upon the radio controlled vehicle you use, Vapextech has a great choice online. Powering the transmitter and receiver to your plane, helicopter, drone, boat or buggy, is easy when you have Vapextech model batteries on board.

Model batteries are essential for delivering the power to control the speed and direction of your RC model.

Model Batteries from Vapextech

Add Vapextech Model Batteries to Your Online Shopping List

NiMH transmitter packs for model batteries are available in a variety of voltages and cell configurations. Shop online to find the right one for your vehicle.

Receiver packs are available in both NiMH and LiFe batteries and we stock flat, humped, or square cell configurations. We have receiver packs to suit all kinds of power requirements and budgets.

LiPo model batteries have taken the radio controlled world by storm due to their high power output and lightweight. This power to weight ratio is also benefitted by the way the cells can be formed into a variety of shapes, intead of being formed by combining a set of individual battery cells.

Browse our full range of radio control model batteries today.


Need New Model Batteries? Choose Vapextech

Here at Vapextech, we import high quality model batteries to the UK. Since 2000, our customers have the confidence that Vapextech’s model batteries and associated products have been tested to ISO9001. This is due to the thorough quality control from the concept and design process through all the stages of production.

We also take environmental responsibilities seriously. Rechargeable model batteries are always better than single use ones. Eventually all batteries will come to the end of their life. Don’t consign them to the dustbin. As part of The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive you can return dead model batteries to us during working hours at Richmond House, Garforth , Leeds , LS25 1NB

For further advice on model batteries, please contact us.


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