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Lipo Batteries, Lightweight Power

Posted by Vapextech on 11/12/2017

Lipo batteries are the go to source of power for Airsoft competitors. Why? Put yourself in the middle of an Airsoft skirmish. In the fast and furious heat of the competition you need a power source you can rely on to keep your Airsoft Electronic Gun in full working order. If your AEG loses power and stops working you could quickly find yourself unable to engage with the “enemy” and become an easy target. Before you know it, you could be out of the game!

Avoid this scenario with lipo batteries from Vapextech. Lightweight power cells are moulded and formed into dimensions to fit perfectly into the cranstock of the rifle or semi automatic AEG. A powerful and reliable power source, these batteries are also incredibly light weight. Which is why they’re popular for Airsoft. Staying lightweight and agile, allowing the competitor to remian focussed on the skirmish in the quest to score points. Whatever the environment and scenario, whether you are playing in a woodland or a former industrial space you need lipo batteries with maximum performance and Vapextech’s technology delivers this and more!

Order your Lipo Batteries in Time for Christmas

Don’t delay in ordering your lipo batteries from us. Christmas is approaching fast, when you buy batteries from us we will usually process and distribute orders within 1-2 working days. Lipo batteries have a slightly different method of delivery and have a £4.00 delivery charge. This is because they are delivered by UK Mail (24 hour) service owing to the delicate nature of the battery cells. We want to ensure you receive your batteries in the finest condition. They require special storage measures and a specific lipo battery charger to avoid cell damage and in the worst case scenario, ignition. We also stock specialist battery chargers too.


To find out more about our lipo batteries, or if you have a question, please contact us today.


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