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LiPO Batteries for Summer Flying Events

Posted by Vapextech on 25/05/2017

For radio control model aircraft enthusiasts now is the time to make sure you have a full stock of LiPo batteries. Late spring and summer is the time of year to make the most of your favourite hobby and past time. The light nights and the promise of sunny weather are an exciting prospect to anyone who likes to see their model plane take to the skies. Whether it’s a cell of 6v batteries or something with more kick, we have the LiPo batteries to help you take off, fly, and land your plane or helicopter in complete control.

Lipo Batteries

LiPO Batteries and Aircraft Power Packs

LiPo batteries are essential to the communication between you the pilot on the ground and your radio control model up in the air. They are the source of power to the transmitters and receivers so that you can control the throttle and direction of your aircraft from take off to landing. Famed for their incredible power output and light weight, they are a popular choice with model aircraft owners. But they must be treated with respect, find out more in a previous blog entitled Our Guide to LiPo Batteries.
To make finding the right power source for your type of plane or helicopter, we’ve got a dedicated section on our website for radio control model batteries. Here, you will find LiPo, LiFe, NiMh in single cells or in multiple cell packs in various formats.

Choose Vapextech for LiPO Batteries

There’s a great selection of quality LiPo batteries waiting for radio control model plane pilots here at Vapextech. When you buy from us there is a £4 UK Mail 24 hour delivery charge for this product. You can find out more about us including the high standards of our products, recycling policy and more. If you want to know more about our batteries, please contact us.


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