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Lipo Batteries for Radio Control

Posted by Vapextech on 17/03/2016

Love radio controlled cars? Here at Vapextech we specialise in supplying a wide selection of batteries designed for use in radio controlled cars. Lipo batteries are especially popular for this use because of their low weight, which can be made into almost any shape or size. They also offer higher capacities and higher discharge rates, meaning that they perform when you need it most.

lipo batteries

Radio controlled cars are incredibly popular and have become a common hobby for old and young alike. As the sport has grown vehicles have become more advanced, and the races more competitive – and so the demands for powerful batteries specifically suited for radio control use has increased.

Our Range of Lipo Batteries

We provide a range of lipo batteries for you to choose from, including 3.7v and 7.4v car packs in a range of configurations to ensure that there’s the right batteries for your requirements. It’s essential when using LiPo batteries that you follow the instructions carefully for safe use. We also stock LiPo chargers which are suited for 6.6v to 11.1v Li-Po 110v-240v batteries.

Browse our Lipo Batteries Online, or Contact Us:

You can browse our Lipo batteries online, and we also stock a wide range of other radio control batteries for you to choose from. If you have any questions about our radio controlled batteries don’t hesitate in contacting a member of our expert team who can provide you with any guidance you may require. Once you’ve decided on which of our batteries is best suited to your requirements, we can offer quick and low cost delivery – all lipo orders are £4 and are posted with UKmail (24 hours).


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