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Lipo Batteries for Airsoft Events

Posted by Vapextech on 14/06/2017

Airsoft skirmishers! Make sure you’re stocked up on Lipo batteries because there are plenty of Airsoft Events and skirmishes happening around the country over the Summer months. It is the perfect time of year to get out and active to enjoy the thrill of the “battle”. Whether you are playing as an individual or part of a team, you will not want your power source to let you down. Vapextech supply excellent quality Lipo batteries and packs at very competitive prices.

Lipo Batteries

Order Your Lipo Batteries in Time for Your Airsoft Events

Across the UK there are club events, charity events and large national airsoft events spanning several days.
There are many types of Airsoft games and competitive scenarios. From team and individual target shooting to an all-out skirmish, often involving woodland cover for stealthy movement. The chase to outwit and ambush your competitors can really get the adrenaline flowing!

Do you prefer attack and defend scenarios? Urban Airsoft games lend themselves to the military techniques of storming and defending positions within buildings. Lipo batteries from Vapextech will keep your AEG guns fully powered for any scenario.
When the competition hots up you don’t want to be left high and dry without firepower because of battery failure. Lipo batteries provide a lightweight power cell with high output. They typically fit into the crane stock of an AEG rifle proving to be very responsive and reliable.

Choose Vapextech for Lipo Batteries

Vapextech’s Airsoft Lipo batteries and chargers will keep you in the game! Browse and shop online for our full range of lipo batteries. We also supply the equivalent for radio controlled cars too. When you buy from us we get them to you as quickly as possible through 24hr UK Mail. Find out more about our deliveries. If you have any questions about any of our batteries and associated products, please contact us today!


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