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High Quality Batteries for All Applications!

Posted by Vapextech on 23/03/2016

Here at Vapextech we’re incredibly proud of the range of high quality batteries and chargers we supply. Our batteries are produced in China and undergo a comprehensive quality control process both in product design and production at the dedicated production plant, to ensure that the final batteries meet even the highest of expectations. This dedication to quality has won our batteries the accreditation of ISO9001.


Our Range of Batteries

Not only are our batteries of an exceptional quality, but we also have a huge range for you to choose from.  We specialise in rechargeable batteries and have every type you may require, from standard AA rechargeables through to airsoft batteries specifically designed for airsoft use.  Here are some of our most popular types of batteries:

Airsoft Batteries – airsoft guns are incredibly popular and require batteries which delivery high voltage even on high current demand, so the user has a high rate of fire. We stock a wide range of airsoft batteries for you to choose from which includes NiMh, Lipo and Life batteries.

Model Control Batteries – model batteries are designed for radio controlled use, which can range from aeroplanes to cars. Radio control is a widespread sport and hobby in the UK and the competitive nature of this activity demands high quality batteries. We supply model batteries to many successful RC racers, and have a comprehensive choice of batteries to ensure that you can find batteries to suit your model.

Standard Rechargeable Batteries – standard rechargeable batteries are an integral part of a whole host of household items. From your child’s favourite toy, to the TV remote – batteries are everywhere. We stock a huge range of AA AAA C D PP3 batteries for you to choose from.

Browse our Batteries Online:

Along with our huge range of batteries we also stock chargers, leads and connectors. If you would like to find out more about our batteries, then please contact a member of our expert team.


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