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Get your 6v batteries ready for the summer holidays!

Posted by Vapextech on 06/07/2016

6v batteries are used in a variety of products that you may want to use over the summer holidays with your family. Here are some seasonal uses for our 6v batteries. These batteries are also rechargeable, meaning that you get value for money with your purchase from us.

6v batteries and camping

If you are going on a camping holiday over the summer, our 6v batteries are able to power camping lanterns to ensure you have long lasting lighting. They can also be used inside flashlights if you would like to go exploring at night over the holidays, or simply want to be safety conscious when walking around your campsite.

6v batteries and RC models

The summer holidays are a perfect time to embark on a project. If you are a keen model maker, or have a child that is interested in making their own model plane, boat, car or helicopter, our 6v batteries are ideal for powering them. 

6v batteries for capturing memories

Our 6v batteries are also used in many digital cameras, so if you want to take some pictures of the landscape on your holiday, or take some photos of a family trip, our batteries will make sure you’re ready to get snap-happy this summer.

Many cameras work with these batteries, however it is always advisable to look at your camera manual to make sure our 6v batteries are compatible with the specific make of your camera.

Delivery of your 6v batteries

When you’ve purchased your batteries, we will aim to get them to you as soon as possible. We offer free delivery when you spend over £100 with us, which gives you a great opportunity to stock up on many different battery models. Smaller orders will cost around £1.50-£2.95, and will take around 1-2 business day’s delivery. If you have another other questions, feel free to contact us.


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