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Get the best out of your gun with our airsoft batteries

Posted by Vapextech on 12/05/2016

Over the years the airsoft has developed and grown in terms of both technology and support. It is now an incredibly popular sport which draws players and fans from all around the world. The intensely competitive nature of airsoft means that the guns must be of the highest quality and in turn, the batteries that power them must stand up to these high demands.

Here at Vapextech, we specialise in providing a huge range of airsoft batteries to ensure that there are the perfect batteries for your requirements. 

Types of Airsoft Batteries

8.4v NiMh Airsoft Batteries – these batteries are developed with the requirements of airsoft use in mind. They keep high voltage even on high current demand with minimal voltage drop. We have a wide selection of 8.4v batteries available with different configurations and mAH values, to ensure that there’s a suitable option for your airsoft gun.

8.4v Airsoft Batteries

9.6v NiMh Airsoft Batteries – available in a range of configurations such as Cranstock, Stick and Mini, these airsoft batteries benefit from high voltage and minimal drop to ensure high rate of fire.

LiPo Airsoft Batteries – we provide a wide selection of lipo batteries specifically designed for airsoft use.  Lipo batteries are lightweight and powerful, making them well suited for the mobile nature of airsoft use.

Life Airsoft Batteries – these are available in a wide selection of voltages and configurations. Life batteries are an extremely popular options for airsoft use because of their high power to weight ratio.

Browse Airsoft Batteries Online:

If you would like to find out more about our airsoft batteries then please browse online, or get in touch with a member of our team. We’re on hand to give you any advice you may require. 



I'm new to airsoft and previously bought an 8.4V 1600mAh NiMH Flat Battery Pack for my AEG will this fit inside a JG M4 S-system Model Number:F6613?http://deadcenterairsoft.com/best-airsoft-gun/


by maurice dudeley on 03/02/2017 06:13

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