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Get Powered Up with Airsoft Chargers

Posted by Vapextech on 20/04/2016

Chargers are essential items for airsoft guns, providing fast and effective charging for your rechargeable airsoft batteries. Rechargeable batteries and chargers are incredibly beneficial for airsoft use providing a cost-effective method of powering your electrically powered guns.

High-Quality Airsoft Chargers & Batteries

The quality of your charger can affect the quality of your charge and so it’s essential that you use only the highest quality equipment. Here at Vapextech, we supply a range of smart airsoft chargers to ensure efficient charging. Our NiMh 8.4v 9.6v 12v Auto 1000ma or 2000ma Airsoft Charger auto charges battery packs from 4.8v to 12v and comes with both a Mini Tamiya and Tamiya fitting. These super fast smart chargers are perfect for charging your airsoft batteries to ensure your airsoft gun delivers time and time again!

Airsoft Chargers

In addition to airsoft chargers, we also specialise in airsoft batteries, with a huge range available to purchase online. Our airsoft batteries range from 8.4v through to 9.6v  and include both LiPo and LiFe options. Our batteries have been designed specifically for airsoft use and provide high power in a range of configurations, dependant on your requirements.

Buy our Airsoft Products Online!

You can browse our full range of airsoft chargers and batteries online, but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate in contacting us. Why not take advantage of our free delivery on orders over £100 and order your airsoft batteries in bulk. We will normally send your order to you in 1-2 business days to ensure that you get your new batteries as soon as possible. 


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