1. All You Need to Know about LiPo Batteries

    Here at Vapextech, we are one of the leading suppliers of LiPo Batteries, which have a variety of uses.

    For our latest blog, we are going to talk you through the internal structure of your LiPo battery, to give you a better understanding of how they work.

    What is the Internal Structure of LiPo Batteries?

    If you open up a LiPo battery pouch cell, you will find the following -

    A long piece of thin white plastic microporous film, with the thin lithium carbon-coated aluminium and copper anode and cathode electrodes laminated in an alternating pattern on both the front and backside of the polymer separator film.
    The long film (which is over 7 feet long for 5000 mAh cell) is folded back and forth upon itself resulting in an alternating anode/cathode stacking with the continuous thin layer of polymer separator in between

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  2. Everything You Need to Know about Solar Light Batteries

     If you are considering updating the look of your garden as spring approaches, it is a great opportunity to use solar light batteries from Vapextech.

    For our latest blog we are going to explain more about how solar light batteries work, and their benefits for your garden.

    Why Should I Replace My Solar Batteries?

    If you already have solar batteries employed in your garden, here are some suggestions of when they will need to be replaced.
    One of the most common reasons that garden solar lights stop working, is because their rechargeable batteries have worn out.
    Rechargeable batteries for your solar lights draw energy from a solar panel which converts sunlight into power that will charge batteries - which in turn, powers your light.

    We would recommend replacing the batteries in your solar lights every 12 months or two years. Almost all garden solar

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  3. How to Safely Store LiPo Batteries

    LiPo batteries are mainly used for drones and other radio-controlled devices which require extra care for storage.

    Here at Vapextech, we understand the importance of getting the best out of your batteries, which is why we are sharing some handy tips to store your LiPo batteries in our latest blog.

    Using LiPo Storage Bags Effectively

    LiPo batteries contain very reactive chemicals in them (which produces more power), meaning they need to be handled gently and treated with the utmost care.

    To start, you can insulate the leads which can be as simple as putting a rubber cap or some electrical tape on all of the leads which includes balance leads and the main power leads.
    You want to at least have a LiPo storage bag (which is fire-retardant), which will give you a little more time to react but won't completely stifle the flames.

    Guidelines for Storing LiPo Batteries

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  4. Choosing the Right Batteries for Your Model Car

    Choosing the right battery for your model car comes down to four factors - cost, connector, compatibility and dimensions.
    For our latest blog, we are going to explore these options and explain them in greater detail.

    Here at Vapextech, we specialise in Airsoft 9.6v batteries that are equipped with high capacity cells for longer running times which ensure that our batteries are long-lasting.

    Four Factors when Choosing Batteries

    Cost - Some models have the batteries included which can be selected by the manufacturer with the aim to balance performance, weight and production cost. Many enthusiasts though choose to buy their own batteries. Smaller capacity batteries are often cheaper, but you can't always guarantee consistent performance. We would recommend Airsoft batteries,

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  5. Your Guide to Charging LiPo Batteries

    LiPo batteries from Vapextech are popular for use in the model industry for radio controlled equipment and airsoft purposes.
    Also regularly used for personal electronics and electrical vehicles these batteries are delivered in a pouch format and have become the default for many types of equipment and appliances.

    In this blog we are going to focus on the best methods to charge lithium batteries safely.

    The Basics of Charging LiPo Batteries

    LiPo batteries charge differently to pretty much every other battery on the market. The charging cycle starting with the constant voltage being applied across the battery terminals that are slightly higher than the voltage the battery is resting at.
    Once the battery reaches set voltage the current flow is slowed and will eventually stop.

    Remember to not overcharge LiPo batteries as although they will accept the charge, they will become

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  6. Solar Batteries are the Greener Alternative to Traditional Batteries

    Solar light batteries are the ultimate energy efficient power source that don not compromised quality for eco-performance. Typically used in garden lights these perfect solutions for outdoor illumination are ready to use right out of the box. There is no need to charge before you put them to use. 

    Powered by the sun, solar light batteries are incredibly cost-effective, eco-friendly and unbelievably convenient. Customers are often stunned at just how long they last considering the intensity of the light they power.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Light Batteries

    In this blog, we are looking at the full range of benefits when you invest in solar light batteries and some of the most frequently asked questions.

    How do Solar Batteries work?

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  7. We’re Celebrating Battery Day at Vapextech

    Where would we be without batteries? These little packs of power and energy make day-to-day life so convenient. In the UK, we’d find it difficult to locate someone who doesn’t reap the benefits of a battery in some form or another. Even those who like to live ‘off the grid’ use batteries for torches, watches and so much more. Here at Vapextech, we live and breathe batteries for hobbies and pass times. So, we’d thought we’d pay homage to one of the world’s most useful and versatile pieces of technology on Battery Day.

    Why Vapextech Loves Batteries on Battery Day…

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  8. Get your LiPo Batteries for Hobby Month

    Welcome to Vapextech, we’re the home of LiPo batteries - one of the most popular and used rechargeable batteries available. January marks Hobby Month for the celebration of those personal activities and interests we have, that keep our mind active in our downtime. Hobbies come in all forms and here at Vapextech, we provide the power needed for hobbies such as RC and model vehicle enthusiasts and Airsoft soldiers. Our batteries are light, powerful and eclipse others in terms of performance - So find out why our LiPo batteries will keep you charged during Hobby Month!

    Why LiPo Batteries are all you’ll nee

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  9. Stay Fully Charged During Hobby Month with Airsoft Batteries

    January is the month for hobbies! And here at Vapextech, we’re the UK’s leading supplier of airsoft batteries that will keep you at top performance throughout January and beyond. We all have a hobby or more. From collecting and seeking to reading and sports participation, everyone has a hobby that keeps their mind busy.

    Hobbies have been always been part of human existence. The early hobbies would include swimming and hunting but now we’re in the 21st-century hobbies have become more advanced and technological, but what remains the same is the pursuit of keeping our minds active and busy through long days.

    Airsoft Batteries Keep you in Top Performance this January

    Throughout January, hobby month is a celebration of these brilliant pass times and here at Vapextech, we have the airsoft batteries that will have you outperforming your opposition on the battlefield. Airsoft is one of the UK’s most popular

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  10. Model Batteries for Hobby Month

    For some, model or RC vehicles might be their first introduction to a hobby. A classic birthday or Christmas present RC cars allow controllers to take control of model vehicles or hand-built machines and push them to the edge of performance potential. While some users simply use their RC car as a pass time, there are those who get hooked on the trill of, how fast can I go? or can I take this corner any faster? RC cars come with many interchangeable parts, but one of the most important parts that you cannot afford to overlook is the model batteries you use. Here at Vapextech, we supply a huge collection of model batteries for racers and hobbyists alike

    Recreational or Competitive Model Batteries for Radio Control cars

    Radio control vehicles are often used as either a pastime or as part of a competition. Whatever the use, the

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