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Capture the Moment with our 6v Batteries

Posted by NetBiz Group on 10/09/2015

There’s nothing worse than going to take a photo and seeing that empty battery sign! So make sure you’re fully prepared for any photo opportunity with our wide range of camera batteries. All of our batteries are rechargeable making them an extremely cost effective way to power your camera, and enabling you to use them time and time again. No more hunting the shops for the right 6v batteries! Instead just simply plug in to charge and in no time at all you can be taking the perfect shots.

6v batteries

Our Range of Batteries

One of our most popular types is the 6v camera batteries which are available to buy singularly, in 4s or 10s and are delivered to your door quickly – so you can be up and running in no time. These 6v batteries are lithium based and this keeps your device working for much longer than standard batteries, with the added bonus of being rechargeable. All Vapextech batteries are renowned for their ability to provide long lasting and high quality power at affordable prices - please browse our full range of camera and 6v batteries online. You won’t regret it. We stock both lithium 3v and 6v batteries, as well as standard batteries to suit the specific requirements of your camera.

Order your 6v Camera Batteries Today!

As well as our batteries, we also supply a selection of chargers, to ensure that your 6v batteries are charged quickly. If you have any questions about our batteries then please get in touch with a member of our team. We’re experts in the field and so can give you any guidance you may need. Happy snapping with our camera batteries!


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