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Batteries & 8 Cell Chargers for Schools

Posted by NetBiz Group on 08/10/2015

Over recent years the need to be more energy efficient has become a priority for many companies and organisations across the world. This can have advantages in both monetary and environmental terms, minimising costs and reducing the waste caused by disposing of one use batteries.

Rechargeable Batteries for Schools

Recently we’ve been working with school to try and help them to introduce rechargeable batteries into their day to day operations. This not only helps to improve the efficiency of schools, but also imparts an important lesson to children about recycling and reusing where possible. Here at Vapextech we stock a wide selection of standard reusable batteries, including AA AAA PP3 C D batteries. In addition to our standard batteries we also provide many specialised batteries for model control, including batteries specifically designed for transmitters and receivers. We offer special rates for schools wishing to change to rechargeable batteries, and can help to provide a solution to your requirements.


4 & 8 Cell Chargers:

We know rechargeable batteries in schools must be recharged quickly to meet the demands of the pupils and so we stock a range of 8 cell chargers to get the batteries charged fast. 8 cell chargers work with AA and AAA batteries and can be used in a combination of these types. We also stock a charger specifically for AA AAA PP3 C D batteries, and these can be used with a selection of these batteries.

Find out more about our special school rates:

If you would like to find out more about our rechargeable batteries, our 8 cell chargers and AA AAA PP3 C D  chargers, or special school rates then please get in touch with a member of our team. We supply only the highest quality batteries, which are rigorously tested to ensure safety – please browse our selection online


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