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A Huge Choice of Model Control Batteries Available Online!

Posted by Vapextech on 14/04/2016

Radio control racing is intensely competitive, and to have a chance of success your model batteries must be light and powerful to help you to excel on the track. Here at Vapextech we specialise in supplying a wide range of model batteries to help you find the perfect type for your specific type radio controlled application. From radio controlled cars to aircrafts, our batteries are a firm favourite with racers, who enjoy our high quality, low cost products.

Our Range of Model Batteries

Our model batteries range from 4.8v to 14.4v and we provide Nimh, LiFe and LiPo options for you to choose from. In addition to this we also supply mini packs, transmitter packs, large power packs, car packs, aircraft packs, RX TX and power packs.

Model Batteries

Model batteries are made with the requirements for high demands and this ensures that our batteries deliver high performance and long run times due to the high capacity of these packs. You can browse our full range of model batteries online!

Vapextech batteries are used by radio control racers throughout the country, and we now sponsor many competitors in national and regional competitions. Our batteries are a firm favourite with our customers returning time and time again due to their long lasting battery life and unbeatable power.

Order our Model Batteries Online:

You can browse our wide range of model batteries online and we offer free delivery over £100 and low cost options if your order is less than this! Delivery is fast & efficient to ensure you get your batteries as soon as possible. If you have any questions about our products please don’t hesitate in contacting us through our website or via facebook or twitter


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