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A Guide to Choosing Airsoft Batteries...

Posted by Vapextech on 04/02/2016

Many AEG airsoft guns come with the option to fit your own rechargeable batteries, giving you the freedom to choose a battery which meets your requirements. Here’s a quick guide on how to navigate the confusing world of airsoft batteries!

Choosing Your Airsoft Batteries

The type of airsoft batteries you choose will be influenced by the model of gun you have. Space is one of the major factors, as the airsoft battery must match the battery compartment.  Different configurations such as Crane, 3 Leg, Stick and Large batteries are available in a range of shapes and sizes and this makes them more suited to some guns than others. For example, a gun with a large butt will have more room to store a large battery.

You may think that the physical size of your airsoft batteries will have an effect on the amount of power that your airsoft gun has, but this can vary greatly between the different batteries; instead you will need to look at the Mah and the voltage to accurately gauge of this. The MaH is like the battery’s tank of petrol and so gives you some indication of the run time, whereas the voltage shows you the rate of fire. Taking into account both of these can give you a good idea of which of our batteries you require.

Airsoft Batteries

NiMh, Li-Po or Li-Fe Batteries?

The type of chemicals which make up your battery is also key element in your gun's performance, we broadly stock three types of airsoft batteries - NiMH, Li-Fe and Li-Po.

NiMh – these batteries are perfectly suited to airsoft use, and are designed to keep high voltage even on high current demands with minimal drop. We stock NiMH airsoft batteries in 8.4v and 9.6v options.

Li-Po - A light and powerful battery which has a high energy density, producing high power in a compact package. Care must be taken when charging and storing – see instructions for more information.

Li-Fe – these batteries are extremely popular with airsoft users; they produce a high power to size ratio, but can deal with overcharging better than some airsoft batteries.


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Please browse our huge range of airsoft batteries online, and don’t forget you’ll need a charger too! If you have any questions then please contact a member of our team


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