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9.6v Batteries for RC Boat Transmitters

Posted by Vapextech on 07/06/2017

You will find that “flat” 9.6v batteries are often used in transmitters for radio controlled models. Now that Summer is here, it is a popular time of year to be enjoying radio controlled models of all types. The longer days and better weather encourages many enthusiasts to beauty spots and parks, especially with water. Do you have the 9.6v battery power for your model boats? Vapextech has very competitively priced 9.6v batteries available to buy online.

9.6v Batteries for Bait Boats

There are many types of radio controlled boats out there from replica models for fun and leisurely boating to high powered racers. The angling world also has its own specialised radio controlled boat too. The bait boat is a unique specialist radio controlled vehicle used by anglers to deposit bait and lure fish to the area of their rods and lines. The 9.6v batteries like the 9.6v Battery Pack 2600mAh Nimh *Flat* Vapextech TX are suitable for the Microcat Bait Boat and other types which require flat transmitter packs. 2600mAH gives you three times the running time of standard 800mAH packs, which also has the benefit of reducing the number of charges.

9.6v Batteries

Buy 9.6v Batteries from Vapextech

There is a choice of great value rechargeable Ni-MH 9.6v batteries from Vapextech. Whether you are a fan of model boats, an enthusiast of radio controlled aircraft, or love cars and buggies. We have the rechargeable battery packs for your transmitters and receivers, so you can enjoy flying and driving throughout the summer and all year round. Our 9.6v batteries come in various pack configurations. Whether you need the “flat”, “hump” or “SQ” variations, we’ve got it covered.
If you would like to know more about Vapextech 9.6v batteries, or any of our other battery products, please contact us.


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