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8 Bay Charger for NiMH Batteries

Posted by Vapextech on 20/03/2017

The 8 bay charger from Vapextech is the ideal general use battery charger. Capable of simultaneously charging eight AA or AAA batteries, you can keep all your battery powered household items fully charged. The clock in the kitchen will never lose time, the TV remote will work properly, and your games console won’t let you down in mid contest!

Versatile 8 Bay Charger

The key to the success of the Vapextech 8 bay charger is its versatility. Coming with an external AC adapter plug kit. It has the components for worldwide use, so you will never be without charged batteries, wherever you travel. Charge your batteries at home or when on the move in your car.

8 Bay Charger

The safety features of the 8 bay charger enable safe charging without the risk of overcharging and damaging the battery cells. The timing system protects the life of the battery. Should you unintentionally put the wrong battery in the LCD display system will indicate this. It also has non rechargeable battery detection.

Efficient charging is achieved in 1 to 5 hours by the Micro Processor Control System. Any bad or faulty cells will be detected during charging and will be indicated as a full battery in the display.

Do you need new batteries? Add a pack of 4 x AA 2900mAh Rechargeable Batteries to your order. With a lifespan of 1000 cycles these are the perfect batteries to accompany the Vapextech 8 bay charger. Popular in compact cameras, torches, and many other items in your home, they have received a 5 star rating on our website.

Order Your 8 Bay Charger from Vapextech

This multipurpose charger is available to buy at a great value price from our website. We usually send out orders within 1-2 working days, so your batteries will be fully charged in no time! Get in touch if you’d like to know more.


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