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6v Rechargeable Batteries for Model Cars and Buggies

Posted by Vapextech on 09/09/2016

When you need 6v rechargeable batteries to control your radio controlled vehicle, Vapextech has a fantastic variety to choose from. Desert trucks, buggy’s, monster trucks and short course racers are all reliant upon batteries to keep them under control, even if the engine is powered by a different fuel source. So how does this work?

A Wide Choice of 6v Rechargeable Batteries to Buy Online

There is an enormous choice of radio controlled cars, trucks and buggy’s on the market. From smaller recreational cars at the entry level to the more serious racing enthusiast and club member, the variety is enormous! Top end models can be nitro or petrol fuelled. They are built from robust and complex components. At a ratio of 1:5, 1:6, or 1:8 of their full sized and real life counterparts, the specifications are impressive. With gearing, shock absorbers, a sophisticated steering system and a powerful engine; these vehicles can zoom along and tear around a race course at speeds in excess of 35mph.

Radio Controlled Models

All of this power and speed is useless without the means to control it. This is where the 6v rechargeable batteries come in as they are required to power the transmitters and receivers, enabling drivers to steer and adjust the throttle on the vehicle.

6v Rechargeable Batteries

You can read more about our range of 6v rechargeable batteries.

6v rechargeable batteries are also vailable for cameras.

Choose Vapextech for 6v Rechargeable Batteries

Vapextech product design and production, combined with a well-equipped production plant, we were awarded the accreditation of ISO9001 in 2000.

For customers in Great Britain we usually ship your order to you within 1-2 working days using UK Mail or Royal Mail 1st Class with orders over £100 shipped for free.

Got a question? No problem, please contact us and we’ll be happy to advise.


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