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6v Batteries to Power the New Year

Posted by Vapextech on 10/01/2018

6v batteries come in many guises and here at Vapextech we have the sources of power to ensure you get maximum usage out of your cameras, airsoft guns and model boats, cars or aircraft. We don’t want you to miss a moment and you can be confident that we will supply high quality batteries at competitive prices so that you can enjoy the thrill of airsoft skirmishing, the speed of model vehicle racing, or being creative with your photography.

6v Batteries for Cameras

Capture a picture perfect 2018 and don’t miss a moment when you’re out and about with your SLR, compact or bridge cameras with 6v camera batteries. Part of our range of standard non rechargeable batteries, the Lithium 2 CR5 is perfect for long lasting power so you can keep snapping those special occasions, landscapes, and events.

6v Batteries for Airsoft

Airsoft is the fast and dynamic simulated combat sport based upon military scenarios. Like paintball, but not as messy! We supply the 6v batteries to power Airsoft Electronic Guns or AEG’s as they are known within the community. Whether you have a rifle, semi automatic or a small arms type AEG, we have the Airsoft 6v battery power to keep you fully armed for any game scenario!

6v Batteries for Radio Control Models

The world of radio controlled models covers land, water, and air. Some vehicles are purely for the enjoyment of operating a miniature plane, boat, or car. There are clubs up and down the country and those who like to take their past time more seriously can enter races and competitions. Whether you enjoy radio controlled models at a leisurely pace or you feel the need for speed and love a good tear around a race track, Vapextech model 6v batteries provide maximum power output at very competitive prices.

Wishing you all a fantastic 2018 in all your battery powered hobbies, past times and sports from Vapextech!

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