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6v Batteries for Your Radio Controlled Models

Posted by Vapextech on 20/07/2016

Vapextech has a range of 6v batteries in a variety of configurations to suit model cars, planes, helicopters and boats. Enthusiasts of radio controlled models know the importance of getting the right battery source for your transmitters, receivers and other power requirements. 

Now that the long summer days are here, you get more opportunity to enjoy your radio controlled models and you need battery power you can rely on. Get powered up with the right 6v batteries.

6v Batteries 

A Great Choice of 6v Batteries

Do you enjoy tearing up the dirt with a Smart Tech Spider Buggy or a Smart Tech Bigfoot? Keep your off road power going with a 6V 3300mAh Battery Pack Vapextech NiMH Twin Lead. While some of these monsters are petrol driven, the cells deliver the capacity and high performance required by the receiver and steering mechanisms to give you the optimum control. This enables longer run times resulting in more enjoyment for the driver.

6v batteries for receivers are an essential part of your radio controlled model kit. Vapextech supplies a variety of battery cells including “Flat”, “Square” and “Hump” (or Triangle) configurations. These smaller cells are commonly used for radio controlled boats but also power receivers in other radio controlled models due to their light weight. See the range of 6v batteries.

Choose Vapextech for 6v Batteries

Through a comprehensive quality control system across Vapextech product design and production, combined with a well-equipped production plant, we have been awarded the accreditation of ISO9001 in 2000.

We want you to be using your radio controlled models as soon as possible which is why we usually ship your 6v batteries to you within 1-2 working days using UK Mail or Royal Mail 1st Class with orders over £100 shipped for free.

Got a question? No problem, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to advise. Keep up to date by following us on Twitter.


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