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6v Batteries for Spring Activities

Posted by Vapextech on 09/05/2018

6v batteries from Vapextech will power all your Spring activities. It is now the time of year when people like to spend more time outside enjoying hobbies and activities. The weather is generally better, the days are longer, and there are two bank holidays in May. Who wouldn’t want to get out their cameras, enjoy their remote control models or take on the challenges of Airsoft? Whatever your past time, Vapextech is here to supply you with all the power of 6v batteries that you need to enjoy your recreational activities.

6v Batteries in a Variety of Configurations

There is a broad spectrum of 6v batteries to choose from. Depending upon the plane, boat, or car you steer we have several configurations to fit into the transmitter or receiver. Available in “flat”, “square” or “humped” groupings you can also select the appropriate fittings and connectors to suit your model. With excellent battery life spans, you can enjoy your activities for longer. When combined with one of our battery chargers for efficient charging, you’ll be back on the water, in the air or racing around a course in no time at all!

Need a bit more power? To compliment our range of 6v batteries you can also buy 7.2v batteries, 8.4v batteries, 9.6v batteries should your gadget operate off a source with a stronger power delivery.

Choose Vapextech for 6v Batteries

Vapextech has built an enviable reputation for providing customers with high quality 6v batteries and sources of power at great value prices. Shop online with us and we will despatch and send your order to you within 1-2 working days. Buy in bulk and all orders over £100 are postage free. Should you wish to find out more about any of our batteries, chargers, and battery products, please contact us today.


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