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6v Batteries Are the Key to Radio Control

Posted by Vapextech on 19/10/2016

6v batteries are the lynchpin to controlling your radio operated model. The ability to turn the transmitted radio waves into the actions which make your radio control model vehicle start, stop and move. All rely on 6v batteries. So how does this all work?

We live in a world surrounded by radio waves. Transmitting and broadcasting entertainment, music, pictures, conversations, and information around the globe, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

On a local level, radio waves transmit instructions to devices around our home; a remote controlled garage door, for example. When you place your baby into his or her cot and switch on the baby monitor, you are relying on radio technology. Not all of these devices use 6v batteries, but your radio controlled models will.

6v batteries

6v Batteries and Packs for Radio Controlled Models

All of these devices utilise a transmitter and a receiver for the exchange of radio transmitted instructions. When it comes to your radio controlled model, 6v batteries are the power source to make this happen. Many types of model vehicle use a different fuel source to propel them over the ground, across the water, or through the air.

A hand-held control acts as the transmitter. The receiver, powered by 6v batteries within the vehicle, interprets the incoming radio waves and instructs the motors within the model. By driving the steering and throttle, either through the wheels, rudder or aerofoil flaps, gives the operator control over the vehicle.

Vapextech supply a variety of 6v batteries for radio controlled model vehicles, cameras, and Airsoft guns. See our full range of 6v batteries here.

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